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The flip side of the craze for design icons is that counterfeiting is exploding, especially on the Internet. In the absence of technical solutions and sufficiently stringent legislation, the furniture design ecosystem is struggling to fight back.

The patented Unikbase technology enables designers, furniture brands and marketplaces to upload product & owner information into a digital passport in just a few clicks, whose correspondence with the object cannot be called into question.

The Unikbase solution fits seamlessly into your operational workflow and product management software.

How it works?

When it's time to ship the furniture from your workshop, whether you're a designer, manufacturer, or marketplace operator, simply utilize the Unikbase application on your smartphone to create a digital passport for the item.

Generating the Digital Passport

Digital passports are created in just a few clicks on the Unikbase web platform.

The Operator (designer, publisher, marketplace...) can automatically transfer from its own database all types of information about the object (dimensions, photos, invoice...).

In a few minutes, all passports will be available in the Operator wallet.

Generating the Digital Passprt

Marking the furniture

Unikbase offers three identity registration and control technologies:

  • Digital Fingerprinting

    Follow the app's guidance to capture high-definition macro photos of the furniture, creating unique points of singularity recognized by Unikbase's AI.

    At any point in time, the owner can take new pictures and Unikbaise A.I. will verify the correspondance with the original ones.

  • Chip Tagging

    If suited, you can apply a tamperproof NFC tag (a flat 2cm wide sticker) to the object. This tag enables data exchange between two devices, just a few centimetres apart.

    In exactly the same way as for contactless payment, public information authorised within the passport of the object will appear on your phone.

    If the sticker is torn off, the chip circuit is destroyed, making the passport inaccessible.

  • Physical Marking

    Imprint the furniture with an invisible, unalterable ink formulated exclusively for you-a genuine DNA signature. The unique ink's chemical formula is automatically recorded in the passport, known only to the owner.

    The ink mark can only be revealed by a specific type of light-source.

This evidence is securely stored in the passport, shareable exclusively by the owner via the Unikbase application:

  • To prove ownership
  • To certify authenticity
  • To report loss of theft
Marking the furniture

For a Lifetime!

The passport can continually be updated by the owner throughout the furniture's life, whether it's damaged, repaired, appraised at a new value, loaned, or sold to a new owner.


A great vector of trust between the brand and its customers.

The Unikbase solution is adaptable as a "white label" for manufacturers and marketplaces, seamlessly integrating into your CRM and inventory management software. The interface, customized with your brand's identity, allows you to efficiently manage passports for your customers and connect with them directly via the mobile app, offering updates or new editions, for instance.

Should an owner decide to sell their furniture, you'll receive instant notification and can initiate a conversation with the new owner.

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