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We make digital twins of real-life valuables.
Our digital twins are the simplest gateway to multiple services letting owners track, protect and trade with trust.


1. Buy

Mary buys a second hand item online, such as a piece of art, a watch, a handbag, ...


2. Scan

At the warehouse, the online merchant uses the Unikbase solution to tag the item with an indelible, unalterable, and invisible marking technology. They also 3D-scan the item and create a biometric digital twin of it, including data such as photos, invoices, proof of authenticity, and condition reports.


3. Own

Mary now owns the item and its accompanying digital passport, which serves as proof of the item's uniqueness and enables access to various services and applications related to the item.


4. Use

The digital twin is dynamic and can be updated with additional data throughout the item's life, such as information on restoration, improvement, lending, and damage. If Mary decides to sell the item, the digital twin will be transferred to the new owner.

What we do

Unikbase creates digital twins to identify, authenticate and unlock the power of ownership for the world's most valuable objects.

We embark our technology in our partner's workflow: auction houses, marketplaces, second hand resellers, dealers, ...

We take care of everything along the way:

  • Maintenance of the digital twin: hosting, protection, wallet.
  • Tools for our partners to administrate the life of the valuable, and the relationship with their customers and third parties.
  • Services: insurance of the physical good, collateral for a loan, rental…

Why a digital win?

  • A protection against theft thanks to a unique, invisible and indelible marking: In case of theft, your object can be authenticated in a sure way by the police forces and the legal authorities, via the Track & Trace© technology.
  • A digital passport hosted on a private and ultra secure blockchain-based folder, that can be shared with any third party as needed : 3D-scan, photos, description, original invoice, proof of ownership, previous transactions,… All compiled in a single, confidential, unforgeable and non-duplicable file.
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How it works

The Unikbase technology is developed
on a proprietary IP combining :

The Track & Trace technology

Unikbase taggant, developed by Olnica, is one of the best in the world. Developed from rare earths, it is a chemical compound with a unique code associated with your brand. Tamper-proof and undetectable to the naked eye.

With a blockchain ledger

A digital token hosted on Liquichain, a private blockchain with Ethereum bridging capability.

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Track & Trace©
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About us

Unikbase was formed in 2022 by professionals of the collectibles & fashion retail, logistics, technology, cybersecurity and blockchain spaces, with the aim of making the utilities of digital twins accessible to all.


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