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We make digital passports of real-life valuables.
Our digital passports are the simplest gateway to multiple services letting owners track, protect and trade with trust.


1. Buy

Mary buys a second hand item online, such as a piece of art, a watch, a handbag, ...


2. Scan

At the warehouse, the online merchant uses the Unikbase solution to tag the item with an indelible, unalterable, and invisible marking technology. They also 3D-scan the item and create a biometric digital twin of it, including data such as photos, invoices, proof of authenticity, and condition reports.


3. Own

Mary now owns the item and its accompanying digital passport, which serves as proof of the item's uniqueness and enables access to various services and applications related to the item.


4. Use

The digital twin is dynamic and can be updated with additional data throughout the item's life, such as information on restoration, improvement, lending, and damage. If Mary decides to sell the item, the digital twin will be transferred to the new owner.

What we do

Unikbase creates digital passports
for valuable physical objects.

What is a Digital Passport?

It is a unique digital file that contains two types of information:

  • Useful information related to a physical object:
    authenticity report, ownership certificate, photos, conditions report, etc.
  • Fingerprints: proof of its unique and unalterable connection to the physical object to which it is linked.
horse phone


Why a Digital Passport?

  • Long-lasting, Reliable Storage

    A secure Digital Passport rather than paper. The owner has control over the information, as well as a trusted third party if desired.
    Long-lasting, Reliable Storage
  • Enhanced Proof of Authenticity

    Validate ownership of a genuine item with confidence. Our process includes sourcing and time-stamping information on a private Blockchain, with trusted third parties like artists, marketplaces, and experts recording documents in the passport. This linkage remains in place indefinitely, ensuring the authenticity of each unique object.
    Enhanced proof of authenticity
  • Added Trust

    Re-establish confidence in a market for valuables today shaken by theft and counterfeiting, particularly on the Internet.
  • Access to Services

    The passport serves as a medium for services such as insurance, as well as services offered by the operator of the passport (private invitations, tailored offers, upsell direct messaging, etc).
    Access to Service
  • Value and Exchange

    When it's time to resell the good, the owner simply shows the passport to interested buyers, and passes it on to the new owner.
    Value and Exchange

About us

Unikbase was formed in 2022 by professionals of the collectibles & fashion retail, logistics, technology, cybersecurity and blockchain spaces, with the aim of making the utilities of digital passports accessible to all.


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